Friday, July 29, 2011


I am installing the GRIB software which will enable me to read GRIB formatted files. I also found another application called Panoply (from GISS) which might also enable me to view a GRIB formatted file. I found the latter on a new wiki site called Reanalyses.

ECMWF Grib is giving me error message:  GRIB_API ERROR   :  alias Yo: cannot find yCoordinateOfOriginOfSectorImage

NOAA Grib software is giving me compiling errors. gzopen. Some searching tells me that libzip library contains this. Try installing with synaptec. Re-compile. Not working.

I installed Jasper and
Re-installed ECMWG GRIB and get a new error while trying to grib_dump a grb file.

GRIB_API ERROR   :  grib_parser_include: cannot open: '/usr/share/grib_api/definitions/boot.def' (No such file or directory)

Solved: For ECMWF GRIB, the grib commands that were being run were incorrect for the version I installed. It is possible I tried this once before with an earlier version. In usr/bin, the commands were giving me errors. I removed these and added the path to the correct versions in the .profile. I had installed the tools, when advised by:

The program 'grib_info' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install libgrib-api-tools
I am beginning to suspect that that was my mistake. Using the correct one:

grib_api Version 1.9.9

Default definition files path is used: /usr/share/grib_api_dir/share/definitions
Definition files path can be changed setting GRIB_DEFINITION_PATH environment variable

Default SAMPLES path is used: /usr/share/grib_api_dir/share/samples
SAMPLES path can be changed setting GRIB_SAMPLES_PATH environment variable
Linking problems of test program: seems to be a library problem. Compiler is not finding the code. A simple move of header file does not work. Using the correct link, (help from here), this resulted in a functioing program:

$gcc -c -I/usr/share/grib_api_dir/include rmd_get.c
$gcc -o rmd_get -L/usr/share/grib_api_dir/lib rmd_get.o -lgrib_api -lm -ljasper

In this process, I found a nice command which will help in debugging (thanks to here).
$nm --defined-only rmd_get.o
00000000 T main
$nm --defined-only /usr/share/grib_api_dir/lib/libgrib_api.a
00000040 T grib_action_execute
00000130 T grib_action_notify_change


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