Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Java and EUmetsat Eo Portal

I cannot believe, with all the improvements to Ubuntu Linux, that I still have trouble with Java. It is always related to the EUMETSAT data portal.OpenOffice uses java and I never have problems with it.

This is just a reminder of how I got it to work. I created a directory, newjava (not very original but I have been through this before) using the instructions on the SUN website. I created the soft links for Firefox. Testing this on the Sun website and all is ok. But, the EO portal application wants to use javaws.

On Ubuntu 10.10 and Firefox 3.6.18, the command: javaws -about sends me to a NetX window. (path of this command is: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/bin/javaws). When I run javaws -about  from newjava directory, I just get Java(TM) Web Start 1.6.0_26.

When the application is selected (clicked), I have to chose which javaws to use to open it.  Using the one in newjava, works.

I just found this link on my Delicious bookmarks. I knew I had done this before.

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