Monday, November 21, 2011

IDV Data Viewer

I just joined the GlobWave LinkedIn group and found many resources that I hope to use. My first try will be the IDV (Integrated Data Viewer) on Ubuntu 10.10. I am running the shell program as root in /usr/local/share. A window pops up and recomends that I close all applications.

Back again. I found the menu button for IDV under Applications->other. For those unfamiliar with installing on Ubuntu, the user is not informed where the software menu button can be found. For example, Virtual Box is under "Accessories" , RKWard is under "Education".

Since attending the LinuxCon Europe in Prague last month, I learned that licensing within Linux is rather important and I notice that this installation contains a license directory. It is good to be aware of this but I do not expect to redistribute this software.

So, I have two windows, one called a Dashboard and the other UniData IDV map view. Move the projection to Europe. I happened to have some ERBE S4 albedo data (total) in netcdf format lying around, so I just clicked on it and here is the result, after some tweaking. I exchanged solid continental outlines for a background image, which I find visually pleasing.

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