Monday, November 28, 2011

AVHRR Sea Surface Temperature

I am downloading gridded 1985 AVHRR data from NOAA.  A reminder in the README is that NOAA-9 was carrying the instrument and the data in the beginning of the year is considered less reliable. It is useful to know

Here is the data link: FTP

I downloaded multiple files using the command:
ftp -i
I logged in with the anonymous username and was instructed to type in my email. I then cd'd to the appropriate directory. from experience, I made a very specific ls in the directory. Listing many files can take a relatively long time. The -i is necessary in order to use mget * for multiple files.

Why am I doing this? When I was a student I had read a paper by Ramanathan about outgoing LW and SST and had tried to reproduce his results. I am re-visiting that study.

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