Thursday, September 22, 2011

ERBE and Java

I have been re-visiting my old thesis project using the ERBE data. I started with the S4 regional averages, just to make some pretty pictures.  It took me a week to get the S9 code up and running.  I had lost all my original files. They might be on a dat tape which I have but do not have the facilities to read. No matter, it is working now. The image is not so easy to see but when I am ready (ie with colorbars and such) I will put it on a separate web page.

This image was made using a combination of C, Perl and GMT. I used Gimp to convert the ps to png.

But, about the java. Today the java interface for Eosweb (NASA) was not working. I had used it last week. Looking at  Java Gnome , I installed: # sudo apt-get install libjava-gnome-java.

Just to check, I tried the link on my Windows 7 partition and the Java did not work there either. Going back to the eosweb, I found the html data ordering tool and saw that there was a maintenance yesterday. It should have been over by now but it is possible that there was a delay. I did not see the message earlier.

Now, I have reached the login window and retrieved the data. I accidentally got the HDF version, which is what the G in S4 means (gridded). N means non-scanner. The NCEP reanalysis uses netCDF. I like the organizational aspects of these new formats.

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