Monday, November 8, 2010

Virtual Box

I have started experimenting with Virtual boxes. Working from an Ubuntu OS, I installed successfully, the Windows XP OS. It did not help getting my scanner to work, but was interesting nevertheless.

About a week ago, I installed Ubuntu in a virtual box successfully and it worked very well. (This can be a little like fractals, can one install a virtual box within a virtual box, ad infinitum?).

Anyway, today, I tried installing Puppy Linux in a Virtual box. I created a new hard disk within this virtual reality and Puppy asked me where I wanted to install it and required that I run gparted  to create partitions. Now, this is ok. I do this all the time. However, one thing alarmed me. The device is labeled /dev/sda. In the real world, that is the device on which I have my Family's Windows 7, Windows XP (for scanner) and Red Hat. My question is, can I trust that this /dev/sda is a virtual device. It looks like the one I just created for Puppy. It is the correct size.

To check this, I logged into my Ubuntu virtual box and ran Gparted. It has a device /dev/sda1 with an ext4 filesystem and a boot flag. Also, there is /dev/sda5 linux-swap. So, it looks like Ubuntu did not ask me to make this decision and went ahead and made it for me. So I should feel confident that Puppy knows what it is doing.

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