Thursday, December 3, 2009

KDE and sounds

My Mandriva KDE sound effects are driving me crazy. I am reminded of a "Malcom in the Middle" episode where a German pianist is harrassing Francis by playing a few notes every time he moved. Every window I open or close makes some sort of noise. It might be pleasant except that I often close and open windows. Here's what I tried, the last one seems to have worked. I do not know if it will survive a reboot. For all I know, there's another way of starting these sounds again. I may have turned off only one.

  • modprobe -r pcspkr (as su, but this is just the speaker beep)
  • kcontrol at command line (or, KDE Configuration assistant)
  • uninstall sound package: sound-theme-freedesktop, some associated files went with it but I do not need them. Well, epiphany, but I'll re-install it without the sound effects.

I wanted to know which sounds had been associated with the window operations. locate ogg found them. The music players required that I open one file at a time. I found the ogg123 command in the vorbis-tools package. (Thanks, to CogX forums). To play all of the ogg files in a directory, without opening a widget: ogg123 *.ogg . They were short enough to play in sequence. The sound that I hated most, a low ugh! was associated with closing the windows. Well, that only took 3 hours.

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