Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gnome to KDE

Today I decided that I wanted to have a KDE desktop in order to work further with the QT designer. After a little surfing, I had to install kubuntu desktop with Synaptec Manager. During the install a window popped up which offered the chance for me to change from gdm to kdm. I would like to leave gnome (ubuntu) installed for the moment.

Since I enjoy the challenge of new things, I installed the KDE4 desktop instead if the regular kde3 desktop which I have installed on my Mandriva-Linux computer. The first thing I noticed was a very empty desktop except for an odd tear drop shaped icon in the top right corner of BOTH of my monitors. Well, click on it! Start exploring the widgets, look for the ones that seem familiar and found my panel. I am not going to go into details because I do not remember all if the widgets I tried, but this looks very nice, so far.

Ok, try to get back to work. My problem with Linux has been the possibilities it gives me for both fun and work. I also find that I can spend an incredible amount of time exploring this. Then I make a mistake that requires me to re-install and start all over again! But, what I like about the LVM is that my work does not get deleted in the process. It is always there, on a safe disk, patiently waiting for my return.

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  1. Update. My favorite Linux feature, the virtual desktop, seemed a bit tricky to get working. I am not sure if it is related to my dual monitors but I could not get the pager to appear on the bottom panel. I added another panel (put at the top) where it did appear. The shapes are elongated because of my second monitor and, as I experiment wit it, it is clear that my second monitor is an extension of the first and not as indpendent as I would like.

    But, I was able to put a different image on that monitor. This is beyond my understanding at the moment.