Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tracking down New York Times Climate link

As can be seen by the frequency of my posts, I am not often motivated to write. But this morning I happened to be reading a New York Times article about a new science minister in Brazil. This sentence caught my eye:

But emissions jumped 7.8 percent in 2013, according to the Climate Observatory, a network of environmental organizations.

The link sent me to a Reuter's article which had a deeper discussion but no links. After some searching, I found Mongabay's reference to the Observatório do Clima (Climate Observatory). Long ago, I had "liked" Mongabay on Facebook and was happy to find the useful reference. The New York Times article was disappointing.

The document with the 7.8% increase in Brazilian emissions can be found at SEEG (13 january 2015). The link to the pdf document is called Climate Observatory Perspective at COP 20 and the filename is Presentation_SEEG_2.0_-_COP20_Side_Event.pdf. The 7.8% is located on slide 16 of the presentation.

Google Translate is very useful to navigate through the Portugese language of the Brazilian website. There are some nice interactive graphics to explore SEEG.

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