Friday, March 7, 2014

Morning perusal of Climate Etc.

It all started with Causes and implications of the pause, at Judith Curry's blog.
Some of the letter writers had interesting links which I followed, as best I could.

I found that I could sign up to read some of Nature's articles without paying. Thank you, Nature. I read  Reconciling warming trends by Gavin A. Schmidt,Drew T. Shindell, and Kostas Tsigaridis,
where this line in their conclusion reflects what I was thinking: "it is inherently unsatisfying to find model–data agreement only with the benefit of hindsight."
I have an interest in cloud properties and tried to find the link to the paper discussing Mt. Pinatubo's affects. I remember reading a paper by Rossow describing the affect on cloud reflection. I wonder if the conclusions of the paper have been changed. 

Some other links which I want to save:

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