Friday, June 8, 2012

SolusOS in place of Ubuntu

Alas, I could not get used to Ubuntu 12.04 Unity and did not want to go backwards to an old gnome Desktop. Therefore I have installed SolusOS on my old Windows 7 partition. Yes, you heard that right. I removed the Windows 7 OS completely from my computer. All that is left is an NTFS partition containing data which I shared between the 2 OS's.

SolusOS is also a Debian-type Linux OS. It installed nicely. I  put its boot record on the root partition rather than the MBR.  Up to now, I have replaced the Cardapio menu with Mintmenu. Someone on the Facebook Linux group suggested it. Mintmenu is also a bit slow and I might go back to the Gnome menu. I was quite surprised that I was able to do this.

The real problem with Unity, for my machine, was the use of icons on the Desktop. It slowed things down and was not organized in  a way in which I work.

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