Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Government & ICT

Overheid and ICT 24-26 April 2012
I attended this conference on the first day only.

I attended two meetings. One was about Linux training (LPI) and the other was about saving money (ODINFO). The latter was rather dry but one thing I heard was that license costs are a sizeable factor (20 percent if I heard right) in the overall costs of institutions. Apparently they use over 100 different applications.  Things to keep under control are life cycle of computers and software. 10 years is a good number.  

The LPI talk was more relevent to me because they seemed to imply that they were starting a new certification for Linux that was not necessarily focused on becoming a system administrator. Linux Essentials Program.

I spoke with one other person from Open Geo Groep. I found out that I am falling behind on my Open Sorce Geo software. Through them I found OSGEO and this Geospatial World Forum Conference which is taking place at this moment.

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