Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On children and the ICRCCM

Why am I looking at: Intercomparison of Radiation Codes in Climate Models? I had this strange surfing experience, starting at Climate Audit to see how R is implemented there, surfed over to Climate Etc. Upon browsing the responses to Judith Currie's blog, there was a response by a physicist who said that the greenhouse effect did not exist at all. I went to this man's website and read with wonder how he countered everything I had learned and believed about the Greehouse Effect. I did an internet search on this man's name and arrived at AGW Observer. In particular, these words:
"I even have seen people claiming that the greenhouse effect does not exist…
The last one of these claims is why I’m writing this thing now."

I am not writing this to discuss the greenhouse effect. The date of the first paper mentioned on the AGW blog was written by Ellingson & Wiscombe (1996).The date might be meaningless to a lot of people, but that year is the year my second son was born. I was still working at GKSS in Germany. I recall sending an email to the AGU regarding a paper I had submitted. It was not going to be finished, I said, because I just had a baby. I do not have the email, but the response was sympathetic. I am writing this because I feel sad about falling behind.

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