Thursday, February 3, 2011

QDevelop or Console

I have been using Qdevelop for over a week now, including the gui Qdesigner for producing a  .ui program. I find that I am not learning anything. I am able to get things to work, but I do not really understand how. This morning, I tried to put the constructor, "void MainWindowImpl::rmdfunction()" into its own file, with a class definition in its same-named .h file. This did not produce a working program. Many errors which I did not understand.

Whenever I look at examples on the Internet, there are a multitude of different programming styles. The overlap between QT3 and QT4 does not help. If I manually enter these programs into an editor, and run them with qmake, they work. But I want to learn the proper or most consistent way to program in QT. That is the reason I am trying to work within the Qdevelop environment.

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