Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kindle 2

After coveting an e-reader since they were first invented, the price of the Kindle 2 was low enough for me to buy (155 euros including shipping. That's half the price I have seen so far).

First item transferred was a pdf file that I had lying around, instructions for something. The transfer worked and that is the last of it.

The second item was Chapter 1 of the 4th IPCC Report. This report, in print form, is about 4 times the size of the already quite heavy first one, which I own in paper. The two column format of the pdf file proved troublesome. So I sought something else.

The third item, I wandered over to the Guttenberg Project and, for various reasons, sought out Moby Dick, a book I had opened many times in my life but never quite got to the end (let alone, the middle). I put it on my Kindle and am very delighted with it's simple text. The dictionary function is really nice, except I need to learn how to use it more efficiently.

Unfortunately, I still need to use my reading glasses to read.

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