Friday, November 6, 2009


I am able to do my research because of Linux. However, using linux has taken up much of my time. There are many interesting applications to try and mistakes to make. I am expanding my comments on this blog to include this kind of work.

S, for starters, I am working on setting up a home network. I like the web environment as a way of operating my household. I have a home webpage which I think that no one can see except my home computers.

With that in mind, this morning, a clean boot of Mandriva Linux Gnome Desktop gave me this when I typed in netstat | grep tcp:
I was unfamiliar with this but found an article here. It is associated with Codeina which I never use but did try out once. I was surprised that it started before I did anything on the web. Today I am looking for a Services menu item in Mandriva.

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