Friday, May 8, 2009

UMARF Eumetsat data

I tried getting some data from EUMETSAT after a long time not doing so. They have changed the user interface. My first difficulty was getting Firefox to understand what a jnlp extension meant (Java Web Start). I copied what I put on my website here:

To get data, one must first register.(This has been done already)
Go to web page
This will cause a file, umarfapplet.jnlp to be downloaded. Java needs to be functioning within one's browser. On Linux, I had to explicitly direct Firefox to open this file with an application, javaws. Here is a snapshot of the window. Log in to have access to the data. Note that passwords expire and have to be changed periodically.

UMARF Interface

GEO, Simple Mode
Query and Order Tab:

One needs to know what one is looking for. The default choices are satellite products. In my case, I was not sure which products were available in 1989. I chose the satellite instead. Not knowing which Meteosat was flying at the time, I just googled Meteosat and found that Meteosat 3 and 4 were suitable.

The date function is a little tricky, in my opinion (advanced mode is easier). To change the date, one needs to click on a number which is to be changed, and use the arrow key to change it. I do not like the automatic incrementation to the next day when I go past 2300 hours, as it is sometimes just a mistake. Then I have to go and click and change the day again. It is also not obvious whether prducts are available in daily or monthly averages. It's probably a good idea to start with month and then work ones way down to when there is a manageable number of records found.

Next, I want to look at the satellite whose subsatellite point is 0.0 (Greenwich Meridian) and leave quality as default. 89/01/0100:00:00 to 89/01/0200:00:00 gives me 59 records. MTP10 and MTP15, half hour slots for ir and vis (the vis only covering the daylight slots).

I need to reduce this more, so I go back to the choice of satellites and open the directory further. I get MVIRI Instrument (MTP) and a list of products, all checked for me. I am going to choose mean surface albedo and sea surface temperature. 0100. Looks like I can pick only one. No records. The only item with records is the MTP Level 1.0 and 1.5. I'll check what these are later, most likely the raw radiances.

47 MTP Level 1.0 ir, all 47slots)
12 MTP Level 1.5 (visible)

Click on IR, 1200 to 1230 and the shopping cart appears. Click on magnifying glass and I get a nice image of the hemisphere and some info. Click on shopping cart and a window pops up and disappears on my monitor. Go to tabs and choose SHopping Trolley. I see my dataset.Choose at bottom left, a delivery method, online http. Delivery options bzip2. Checkout. I get some info about me and a delivery number. Now, I just have to wait.

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