Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flying wind turbine

Time's best inventions (volume 172, no. 19, 2008) features "Sky Windpower", a flying wind turbine. The logistics might be a bit complex, but I find the idea interesting. On the website there is some discussion about surface winds being reduced by friction. That sent me thinking about the measurement of the earth's length of day and how the earth's rotation is influenced by the winds. Google: length of day angular momentum wind yields:
Changes in the Earth's Rotation are in the Wind -> further google, leads to a paper by David A. Salstein, with the title Atmospheric mass and momentum signals in climate and earth studies, where I find an organization called the International Earth Rotation Service, which refers to an AGU article which summarizes this topic very nicely and supplies some websites which can be found (with working links) at GGFC.

Other fun sites found while wandering around (I am not endorsing them, I just looked at them):
I had better stop here. I started looking at Webcams of oceans and I find them fascinating. The temptation to linger is too strong and I must get back to work.

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