Thursday, October 9, 2008

BAMS September 2008

I always find interesting information in the BAMS but quickly lose track of it. I'll note here the websites that I would like to check out.

  • Enhanced Radiosonde Data for studies of Vertical Structure It is nice to see the formulae all in one place. One note about the IGRA data set is that the order in which the data is sorted can be cumbersome. For my research, I am interested in daily data. When I select a radiosonde station, I need to search the entire data file for a specific date. For my interactive environment, this was too slow. I wrote some Perl code to sort it according to date rather than station.

    • Here is a link to the website: IGRA

  • Monitoring changes in Climate extremes

    • ETCCDI I always disliked the use of monthly organized data. Daily climate record data is mentioned here.

    • Here is a list of Specifications

    • This open Source Statistical Package seems interesting: R

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