Monday, January 21, 2008

Strong Westerly Wind

Just want to note that for the last few days we have experienced strong winds (Netherlands), initially from the SW but then West. These winds were accompanied by heavy clouds and lots of rain. The air temperature is also warm, 9 to 12 degrees C.

Today's SATREP online has a cloud system over the Atlantic with the most densely packed TA contours that I have seen so far. SATREP calles it a WF Shield. An info note from the makers of the SATREP says that ECMWF indicates secondary WA max within WF. Not sure what this means. The air mass is blue to the west of this WF Shield.

Over the Ukraine, there is also an id'd SATREP OCCL and WF SHield. The note over the OCCL states that " An Occlusion is accompanied by a distinct cloud spiral: clouds of all three frontal parts (CF, WF and Occl) are multilayered."

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