Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My SatRep

Looking at the Airmass RGB for 0600 UTC (I cheated, I already saw that SATREP had identified two WFSs in the image.) It is interesting that they look very different. The one over England looks weak and does not have the bright cold clouds for which I am looking for my research.

There's a very bright RGB spot over south Greenland today with an oval form. It is also very cold in the IR. Nearest weather: sunny and -23C in Jacobshaven. I wonder if it is snow.

Looking at the EUMETSAT images, Greenland is on the edge of the capabilities of METEOSAT.
I need to find out what kind of coordinate transormation SATREP uses to get such a nice image of Greenland.

But for now, look at the METOP AVHRR data. This is a sun synchronous satellite which flies over the earth's poles 14 times a day.

There's also an interesting durface feature along the coast of Norway. Is it clear air or cold ocean or ...?

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